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Veneers are thin shells made of tooth coloured porcelain that are custom made and bonded to your teeth to improve their appearance (changing the colour, shape, size or length).  Porcelain veneers are usually made in the lab and are more resistant to staining. At The Dental Experts® we only use the highest quality EMax® Porcelain Veneers, which have the best strength and shine of all veneer materials. 

Crowns cover your teeth like a cap. A veneer is a thin shell that is applied to the front of your tooth with less damage to the tooth tissues.

The first stage is a thorough consultation to discuss with the cosmetic dentist exactly what look you want to achieve. We are able to digitally prepare before and after images to show the desired results. Generally, bonded veneers require two visits: one to shape the teeth and one to cement these natural looking restorations to the teeth. Between visits, your dentist can place attractive provisional veneers to help prevent sensitivity, allow function, and provide a nice smile. These temporaries are designed to be in your mouth for a limited time but should be comfortable until your new veneers / smile is completed.

No! Not at all. In most cases your dentist will offer local anaesthetic experience minimal sensitivity.

Although it may feel a little strange with new veneers for a day or so, most clients return to normal eating and function within 24 hours!

Appointment 1. Consultation, X-Ray, Scans and Moulds. Preparation of Teeth, Placement Of Temporary Veneers

….1 week later

Appointment 2. Veneers are fit, checked, polished and you’re all set!

EMax® Porcelain veneers are very versatile and you can achieve any look you are looking for. From subtle natural perfect to more of a Hollywood Smile, everything is achieveable. All of the dentists listed on our site are highly trained experts and will work with you to make the replacement teeth that are the ideal shape and shade – they will be virtually indistinguishable from natural healthy teeth. In addition, 3D scans & moulds are carefully taken of the natural contours of your jaw to ensure a perfect fit for the shape of your face.

Advantages : The preparation of veneers preserves the most amount of tooth structure as very little needs to be removed.  They can vastly improve the appearance of your teeth, and gum tissues respond well to dental veneers.  The colour can be custom selected to match the other teeth and in these type of restorations  are extremely stain resistant.


Disadvtanges : 

Once you have had your tooth prepared for the veneer, the process is not reversible.  In the case that a veneer cracks, it is difficult to repair without having to replace the entire veneer.  With people who have poor gum health, veneers are not a good option.  It is important not to have habits like pen-chewing or nail-biting as these can crack the veneer (as they can also chip natural teeth!).

Correctly designed and accurately placed porcelain veneers by an experienced cosmetic dentist can last over 10-15 years.  They do not require any special care other than regular brushing, flossing and visits to the dentist. Porcelain veneers should never stain; however; if your teeth have a tendency to stain you should try to avoid or minimise the behaviours that lead to staining and look after them as recommended above with normal hygiene and maintenance procedures.

Our EMax® Porcelain Veneers are priced at £950 per tooth, with discretionary discounts based on number of veneers needed/wanted. We sometimes have offers and these are a great time to get the highest quality veneers at an amazing promotional price. Our offers are usually for a short time, so look out for them at the top of the page. We offer finance on all treatments above £1000, please contact us to see if you are eligeable.


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