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Dental implants are metal posts inserted into the jawbone to replace the roots of missing teeth. They are made of commercially pure titanium – the same material used for replacement joints. Titanium is highly compatible with the human body and fuses with bone, which makes the implant immovable and allows it to act as a solid anchor for prosthetic (substitute) teeth. At The Dental Experts® We Only Use Straumann Implants – The Best Quality Implant System On The Market.

We will be able to determine for certain if you are suitable for dental implants but generally if you have good health you will be suitable. We will assess the general condition of your mouth and look at the quantity and quality of bone to see if dental implants are an appropriate treatment. We very often take radiographs (x-rays) of the area which give an indication of the amount of bone available for implant placement.

Dental implants are usually placed under local anaesthetic in a very gentle manner. Following this you should expect a degree of discomfort and swelling for several days, but you will be able to continue normally fairly soon afterwards. Full after care advice is given following this procedure and if you are in any doubt we provide a telephone number where we can be contacted to offer you reassurance and advice.

The procedure is relatively straight forward and can usually be done under local anaesthetic. You may experience discomfort and you are likely to be given painkillers after the surgery to help with any pain you may experience. However, in general, most patients report that the procedure really wasnt painful at all — certainly much less than expected.

Your dentist will typically recommend that you take two or three days to adjust to your tooth, however, many people will feel fit to return to their daily schedules as soon as the day after surgery.

This depends on the complexity of the case but usually a single implant can be placed in approximately an hour. This will depend on the amount of additional work required in terms of any bone grafting or work required on your gum. 


In some cases you can have a crown (the part the looks like a tooth) placed the same day. In other cases you may need to wait 2-3 months for the implants to settle in and fuse with your jaw bone to be able to predictably support the crown. In these cases we can give you a fixed temporary bridge you can eat, chew and smile as normal.

Yes! All of the dentists listed on our site are highly trained experts and will work with you to make the replacement teeth that are the ideal shape and shade – they will be virtually indistinguishable from natural healthy teeth. In addition, 3D scans & moulds are carefully taken of the natural contours of your jaw to ensure a perfect fit for the shape of your face.

The key to successful implants is the quality and quantity of bone and we sometimes have to provide a replacement for a deficiency of bone and this usually takes the form of a small augmentation around the neck of the implant. Depending on the size of this deficiency, we can usually carry this out at the same time as implant placement and carries an extra charge of £400.

Yes! We do offer sedation for nervous patients and we also offer a hotel stay in our price for those travelling from outside London to come to see us.

Single Implants are £1699.

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As implants are similar to natural teeth, if they are looked after they should last for many years but there is no lifetime guarantee. There is a small chance that an implant fails to osseo-integrate, that is, it does not become attached to the bone. In the upper jaw the chances of this happening are approximately 1-2%. We would normally become aware of this during the healing phase after implant placement and should it happen, we would remove the implant and may need to place another, several weeks later. Once integrated and functioning, you have in excess of a 90% chance of any implant still performing fine after 25 years. Therefore implants are a long term and predictable treatment option.

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