Cross Infection Policies

The Dental Experts® Clinic has always maintained the highest possible standards of hygiene and patient safety. Excellent hand hygiene, surface protection, state-of-the-art sterilisation services, and the use of personal protective equipment is something that we do all day, every day, for every patient, just part of our everyday practice. Our 30-year experience in practice, always with gold standard hygiene and infection control means that we know that we are successful in keeping our patients and staff safe.


For the duration of lockdown, we were functioning as an Acute Dental Centre (ADC), providing emergency treatment only for our patients, seeing many patients with urgent problems which needed to be managed in order to avoid serious long-term problems.


For the last couple of weeks, we have already been treating our own patients with urgent problems, with a functioning staffed practice, establishing protocols and risk management, using appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) and infection prevention and control (IPC) protocols in line with NHS COVID-19 guidance and standard operating procedures.


Since the outset of this pandemic, some of our clinicians have been working in the NHS ADC at Guy’s Dental Hospital, as well as the maxillofacial unit at University College London Hospital. Our first-hand experience has helped us to formulate a rigorous IPC policy based on NHS and Public Health England/Government polices – ensuring the safety of our patients and staff.


Examples of new cross infection policies include:

• Multiple surgeries for each clinician to work in, thus allowing adequate time for any potential aerosol to dissipate following an AGP
• FFP3 masks and appropriate gowns for all operative dentistry procedures, regardless of the (potential) generation of an aerosol-generating procedure (AGP).
• Installation of air purifiers throughout the practice to capture airborne particles
• Use of UVC light to destroy airborne and settled virus particles
• Contactless administration to smooth the patient journey
• Enhanced cleaning protocols

We will not be able to treat you if you have symptoms of the Coronavirus, but please do still call us to discuss how we can help you and plan your treatment.

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