The All-On-4® Implant System (Teeth In A Day)

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Dental implants are metal posts inserted into the jawbone to replace the roots of missing teeth. They are made of commercially pure titanium – the same material used for replacement joints. Titanium is highly compatible with the human body and fuses with bone, which makes the implant immovable and allows it to act as a solid anchor for prosthetic (substitute) teeth. At The Dental Experts® We Only Use Straumann Implants – The Best Quality Implant System On The Market.

The All-on-4® treatment concept is an effective and efficient technique that uses four dental implants in the upper or lower jaw to secure a set of replacement teeth. These dental implants not only support the substitute teeth, but also act as replacement roots that connect with your jawbone. This allows for a long-term, permanent solution encouraging strong, sturdy support and a natural smile.


The All-on-4® treatment concept, came about as a result of our extensive clinical research, the procedure uses the fewest implants possible, avoids the need for bone graft surgery (where substitute bone is added) and delivers a permanent, natural-looking solution in a very short time.


As the replacement teeth are fixed in place they offer all of the benefits of your original teeth, meaning that you don’t have to worry about sagging around your mouth making you look older or annoying adhesives that can make wearing dentures both sore and a chore.

Dr Adeel Ali, Dr Riz Syed, Dr Charles Lister.

The All-on-4® treatment concept is designed to minimise pain. In most cases your dentist will offer local anesthetic or a sedative, and after surgery you may experience minimal swelling and soreness. Patients are often surprised at how little pain they feel and how quickly they recover.

Your dentist will typically recommend that you take two or three days to adjust to your new smile, however, many people will feel fit to return to their daily schedules as soon as the day after surgery.

Appointment 1. Consultation, X-Ray, Scans and Moulds

….24 hours later

Appointment 2. Any extractions are done on this visit and Implants are placed, New bridge of teeth fitted same day. This can be done under local anaesthetic (completely numb) or also sedation.

….2 weeks later

Appointment 3. Review, to check you’re healing

…2 months later

Appointment 4. Final Review

Yes! All of the dentists listed on our site are highly trained experts and will work with you to make the replacement teeth that are the ideal shape and shade – they will be virtually indistinguishable from natural healthy teeth. In addition, 3D scans & moulds are carefully taken of the natural contours of your jaw to ensure a perfect fit for the shape of your face.

The All-on-4® treatment concept is based on angling the dental implants at such a degree as to connect with as much jaw bone as possible. This allows for fewer dental implants, which requires less bone and reduces the need for bone grafting. For many patients, bone grafting is not necessary because the dental implant and bone can be thoroughly secured with the All-on-4® treatment concept. However, if you have any doubts you can check with a dentist at one of our “Centers of Excellence” and they will let you know if you are suitable for the procedure and if it will require bone grafting or not.

Yes! We do offer sedation for nervous patients and we also offer a hotel stay in our price for those travelling from outside London to come to see us.

Single Arch (Upper or Lower) – £11,999 or £240/month on an average finance plan*


Dual Arch (Upper & Lower) – £21,999 or £380/month on an average finance plan*.


Click here to use our finance calculator to work out the best finance plan for you!

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